Derby Dolls’ 1st Banked-Track Tourney

derby dollsbattle of the bankRoller derby teams from all over the Southwest will converge on LA this weekend for an explosion of contusion-inducing bubble-gum-pink hell on wheels. The locals–our very own Derby Dolls–will be pitted against teams from Arizona, Texas, OC, and San Diego in two days of mayhem. Hooray! Mayhem!

All the info you need is here. This won’t just include the screaming-for-blood main events–there’ll also be food, clothing, and jewelry vendors and music, like Critical Brass and Restaurant. I’ll be there cheering on my grrls Kaboom & Clobber Girl. Raar!

If I weren’t such a delicate flower I’d be all over this thing myself, but knowing my own talent for flinging myself headlong into profoundly unsafe situations, I’d end up in traction within a week. So I shall cheer from the sidelines, where I’ll prolly get clocked by a flying quad.

One thought on “Derby Dolls’ 1st Banked-Track Tourney”

  1. If I weren’t tied up all weekend, I would so be there. This sounds awesome!

    I was at the Sumo tournament a couple of weeks ago, and it was incredible. Is roller derby kinda like that, but with hot grrls and roller skates?

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