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I’m always sure I’m the last one to find out a new way to use technology, but I mentioned this trick to a friend the other day and was met with, “You can do that? How?” So I thought I’d share it in case there is anyone else as behind as us.

I’ve been looking for a jogging stroller for a while. (I don’t really jog, but I need something that can better handle both the crappy sidewalks in my neighborhood and the sand and rocks on minor hikes. And you know, I could jog. Maybe.) My budget is teensy and I want a used one with inflatable non-fixed wheels and a canopy. I also don’t want to drive very far to pick it up, what with the price of gas and all–go far enough and I might as well pony up the extra cash for a new one. Of course, perfect strollers keep turning up in Redondo Beach and Rancho Palos Verdes. I am not even sure where that is.

So naturally I’ve been looking for a while. I was checking every day or two until my brilliant friend Erin suggested that I subscribe to the RSS feed for my search. “The what, now?” I mean, I know what RSS is but I had no idea it was available for Craigslist searches.

How I did it, behind the cut for anyone who needs the assist. And if you’ve got another good Craigslist tip, please share in the comments!

Since I’m already subscribed to the feed for jogging strollers in my price range, I’ve created a new feed to look for a carriage for my son’s Dolly. I went to and clicked on the baby & kids tab in the for sale section. There I searched for the terms “doll carriage” in the $4-15 range. This was my results page:


I clicked the RSS button at the lower right, which automatically took me to google (I have Firefox preferences set to do that).


I selected google reader, as I don’t use my google homepage. That took me straight to the feed:


It was really that easy!

6 thoughts on “Craigslist tricks”

  1. Oh good lord AP, everyone knows that hookers and craigslist is the SGV specialty.

    Kidding aside, I use it to clean out my garage. I label it no delivery and include lots of pics. I get rid of useable stuff fast without having to hassle with a yard sale permit.

  2. This is definitely a really cool feature but its a bit limited if you want to monitor multiple searches. I’ve found that the best solution to this is to use Yahoo Pipes to do some magic for you. You can check out a bit more info here.

  3. I get regular emails from the NoHo Freecycle group. I don’t actively look for stuff or look to give away stuff, but I’ve been able to give away my Smokey Joe grill that was just taking up space. And maybe one day I might take a bike off someone’s hands.

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