So, its hot, but you gotta wear pants…

Guys – hate the heat, but hate shorts even more? One suggestion presented by a likeminded Metafilter are “man-pris… Capri pants for dudes.” Sure. I bet they go well with your “manties,”  “man-purse,” and “bro-zeere.”

As spurred by the question on Metafilter:

I’m a huge baby. Southern California in the summer is too hot for me. I own two pairs of pants. Both are black denim. Are those tactical 511 pants very cool? I don’t wear shorts. What do they wear in the desert? I’m looking for something really cool, really comfortable; not really concerned with fashion -except I hate baggy pants. I’m about 6 feet tall and skinny.

Suggestions so far include:

  • “Hiking pants, typically made of really lightweight nylon or polyester,”
  • “Linen, linen blends, thin cotton (like madras and crinkle cotton) are your friends.”
  • “Yoga pants.”
  • Natural High (2400 Main Street, Santa Monica) sells these amazing hemp/cotton pants.”
  • And finally: “What about man-pris? Capri pants for dudes.”

Can anyone else help a brother out before he starts seeking out “man-pris?”

17 thoughts on “So, its hot, but you gotta wear pants…”

  1. Shit, wear whats comfortable and fuck what anyone else says.
    That said daisy maes and dolphins are about the only WTN items for men.

  2. As I type I am wearing a pair of army green Nice Collective “man-pris”(Barney’s) and black Crocs(buy em anywhere).

    I forgot all about my Utilikilt, draggin that out tonight!

  3. I’m totally loving Utilikilts, yep. Super hot. The sig other has one and I get all hot & bothered about the whole thing.

    That said, those “man-pris” sound like “I’m a bicyclist and cut off the bottom six inches off these pants so I won’t get chewed up by my bike.” And I have to cop to finding that kinda sexy as well.

    please, for the love of god, no yoga pants on men. ever. ever.


  4. What low blow? I allowed pretty much anything except two items?
    Even kilts would work as I understand they are about the ultimate in keeping your junk all nice and breezy cool.

  5. What’s wrong with linen? That’s a great idea. Or seersucker, if you want to class it up. They’re the fabric of choice for dressing nice in a humid ass summer in the deep south.

    Uh, I have a feeling if someone is not willing to wear shorts they ain’t going to sport a utilikilt.

  6. Hi, Self-Appointed LA Style Guy here. I am not a fan of the man-pris. They’re just wrong. But “I don’t wear shorts?” Please. Get thee to H & M for cool, slim fit shorts unburdened by cargo pockets and such. It will change your entire shorts awareness– seriously. I scored three pairs (they’re inexpensive– it’s H & M after all.) Now if my west side gal pal will just stop calling them patio pants, the little bitch.

  7. Linen is great because it’s an extremely breathable fabric. So if the guy is too modest to wear shorts (which most likely means there is NO way he would wear any kind of kilt), go get some linen drawstring pants or something along those lines. They’re thin, light, very comfortable, and air goes right through them. The only problem is they crease/wrinkle very easily.

    That said, I wear ’em all – linen pants, shorts, and my kilt (Tartan, not Utilikilt). No man-pris though.

  8. What the hell happened to a decent pair of wool trousers? They allow one’s legs to breathe, and a nicely made pair (there are tens of thousands of pairs out there at the second-hand and thrift shoppes of southern California) looks nice with a clean short-sleeved shirt. Hell, in this heat, even a clean T-shirt (untucked, to boot) does not look bad with a decent pair. They are quite comfortable, and as a 6’3″ semi-scottish bastard with legs that are no less limber than John Cleese (and just as lanky, I might add), I can assure you a nice pair of wool trousers does wonders for style and comfort.

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