Monday Bullets: Denise Hamilton’s Near Death on the 5

  • bike.JPGLAObserved’s Denise Hamilton was nearly killed as a U-Haul hitch smashed through her windshield as she headed home along the 5 Freeway. She had just attended an Esotouric bus tour – you know, those tours that feature the crazy deaths of Angelenos? Hamilton newest novel, The Last Embrace – a noir mystery based in 1949 LA – comes out July 1st.
  • Barack Obama returns for a fund raiser at the Los Angeles Music Center tomorrow. Wilshire & Washington runs down the who’s-who list of expected attendees, and wonders how many Clinton supporters will show up. (Note to Clinton supporters: Get over it. They’re just not that into her.)
  • Franklin Avenue gets invited to the coolest theme parties. This one, a 1940’s-era shindig in a historic rail car at Union Station. We’re telling ourselves that our invite was probably just lost in the mail.
  • Is Silverlake the new Superstition Capital of the Southland? Fancy Notions writes about The Curse of the Bikini Dancers.
  • And Ed from M-M-M-My Pomona notices the growing trend of cycling in L.A. and has a life-saving tip for you: wear a helmet.

Here’s my bike after being struck by an SUV about a month ago. My helmet was broken it two places, but I walked away (driven in an ambulance would be more accurate).

Photo of Ed’s bike from M-M-M-My Pomona

* David Markland contributed to today’s Bullets. Meaning that he wrote two of them. Guess which two out of the five to win no prizes whatsoever. Only if you have some free time, of course. Don’t let it take away from your normal Twitter schedule.

4 thoughts on “Monday Bullets: Denise Hamilton’s Near Death on the 5”

  1. Good collection of Monday bullets. I’m glad Denise is okay, and it seems to me that her life may have been saved in part due to the automobile safety standards, including those for shatter-resistant windshields. We may not think about it often, but, due to government safety requirements, our cars are pretty safe.

    Speaking of safety, I’m struck (no pun intended) by how many bicyclists here do not wear helmets. I have biked many thousands of miles, from the California coast to Portugal, have gone upwards of 60 m.p.h., and have had some hairy accidents, including a tire blowout at high speed on the hilly switchbacks northeast of Santa Cruz. I wouldn’t dream of riding my bike without a helmet. Get one with a visor and you have some added sun protection too.

  2. AHHHHHHHHHH. That bike picture is so scary. Glad he’s ok!

    My friend rarely wore a helmet until he was scared into wearing one. And what do you know? Hit by a car a week later, head bounces off the asphalt, and he’s totally fine.

    Wear your helmet, folks!

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