More Bikes on More Freeways

Today, rumor has it, simultaneous bike rides took place freeways all over LA. Early reports are close to 30 riders took the 101 into downtown then to the 110, and over 40 riders enjoyed cruising from the 10 to the 405. If these are anything like the previous crimanimalz rides we can all expect a slew of media to be released shortly documenting it, but right now there’s at least this short clip of a bunch of bikes entering the 101 at Silver Lake Blvd.


Does that cape say “Party Time” ? Also, here’s NPR’s coverage of the previous LA freeway ride.

4 thoughts on “More Bikes on More Freeways”

  1. That pretty much rules. It’s a total eff you to cars and the oil industry. I dig it just as long as the riders are safe.

  2. Unbelievably stupid — how long before one of these “look at me, I’m, 10 ft tall and bulletproof” morons gets killed? Not to mention the whole violating Federal statutes by riding on Interstate highways thing.

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