Keeping Your Pets Cool and Safe

watchdog.jpgAllow me to introduce you to Daisy J. Dog, my 8 year old pitbull. Daisy has two primary responsibilities, to be good and to love me and she does them both very well. In return, I am responsible for her health and safety. Most of the time this is no problem: a few walks, two bowls of food, water and some love is all she needs. However, Daisy, like most household pets, requires some extra care when the weather gets hot.

If you’ve got pets or know someone who does, I recommend checking out LA Unleashed, the LA Times pet blog. They recently posted some basic tips on taking care of your pet in hot weather. It’s mostly common sense stuff (don’t leave your pet in the car, keep them cool, lots of water, etc…) but there are also some helpful tips on grooming and skin care.

Check it out, your pet will thank you for it.

Special tip of the hat to Jodi, who shared the LA Times blog post with me.

3 thoughts on “Keeping Your Pets Cool and Safe”

  1. I should note that you should pay careful attention to the heat of the pavement when walking your dog. Sunny blacktop in the middle of the day can burn tender foot pads. (I often take my dog out to the yard in my bare feet and if I can’t stand it, I can’t figure she’s doing much better.)

  2. Cybele has an excellent point. I learned that lesson the hard way many years ago. We’d taken one of our dogs to Venice/Santa Monica. She was limping when we got home later and I thought we’d just walked too much until I inspected her paws. They were burned and I was mortified, feeling like a horrible dog-mom!

    The article focuses on dogs and cats, but keep other pets in mind too. I’ve noticed my hamster is drinking more than usual, so I’ve been keeping a closer eye on his water supply. (He’s also been sleeping almost on his back with his feet up, which freaks me out every time!)

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