Former Pasadena Mayor Candidate offers up PSA on Crocs

They are not shoesA few weeks ago on a silly post about Crocs the lack of love for those things surfaced pretty quickly.  From my favorite commenter Burns offered up this on the post:

“Crocs are simply a poor fashion choice. Socks in Crocs? An abomination!”

Aaron Proctor, the former Pasadena mayoral candidate, blogger and dude with too much creative energy decided to add Crocs into his latest venture.  Snarky PSA’s.  I doubt it will stop us from having to look at dirty sweaty feet encased in rubber but it could be a start.  The video after the jump.

He has a couple of other PSA’s in the works HERE and HERE.  If you want to venture out to the SGV Bloggers Picnic and Happy Hour next Saturday at the Historic Aztec Hotel in Monrovia he’d welcome the chance to chat with you.

6 thoughts on “Former Pasadena Mayor Candidate offers up PSA on Crocs”

  1. So we are supposed to listen to baldy man with the goofy beard, bad fitting jeans and the ugliest couch in all of LA? Yeah, thats the guy I want giving me fashion tips. Dude, you are so close to absolute nerd nirvana, just tuck that tired shirt in your pants, strap on a belt and you are there.

    Hell, you might as well put me in charge of speeling and punctuation at Blogging.LA.

  2. And those jeans fit on me just fine. :-)

    I look much better than when I was slapping on eyeliner and running around Hollywood with a bunch of dregs of society who think Bauhaus is god’s greatest gift to music. :-)

  3. Upon re reading my post I’ve decided to retract my comments about anyones hairline. Though meant in jest it was childish and uncalled for. In the last few years “Mr. Belly” might be a name used in reference to my expanding waistline.

    I still stand by my statement that the beard, jeans and tee couch preclude AP from making blanket fashion proclamations.

  4. Bromike666, its satire pal. Maybe you didn’t know AP was the goth candidate for mayor in last round of elections. Yes, Goth in old blue haired crossed legs Pasadena.

    Give the dude credit for not trying a combover though it might have made it funnier.

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