New Calls for Red Line Extension to Burbank

metro_red_3.jpgThere may be a new train coming to the Valley.

The Valley Industry & Commerce Association (VICA) has been hanging around City Hall this week to convince lawmakers that an extension of the Red Line from North Hollywood to Bob Hope Airport in Burbank is a pretty good idea. (Who doesn’t?) The subway extension is already part of Metro’s long range plan, which is comprised of several projects that the MTA is kicking around.

Anyone who lives or works in the Valley, or flies in or out of Burbank, will attest that this should happen. Today. VICA wants you to tell Metro that you would support such an extension by contacting Metro Chair Pam O’Connor at [email protected]

With VICA’s political clout, this is great news for the Valley. What would be even better? The addition of an East-West Ventura Boulevard subway, connecting Burbank, Universal City, Sherman Oaks, and Warner Center.

Tell Metro you want this.

Photo from VICA Weekly

14 thoughts on “New Calls for Red Line Extension to Burbank”

  1. Oh Man, this is almost as good as the 105 freeway to LAX! I always fly from Burbank, I’d never drive there again.

    Please, please, please……….

  2. I’d love it if they did this, then made a straight connection with the Gold Line in Pasadena (instead of having to to Union Station)….not to mention stretch out the Gold Line out to Ontario Airport.

  3. Yes yes yes! I would love to hop on the red line from the airport into hollywood. How friggen awesome would that be?

  4. fauxtog+++

    I’d settle for Red Line through BUR and continuing to the Burbank Media Center, but SFV<->SGV would be a dream come true.

  5. Subway (or perhaps more feasibly, light rail) to Bob Hope Airport would rock, but indulge me in pointing out that one can presently ride the rails there from Ventura or the Antelope Valley or from Union Station Downtown via Metrolink to their Bob Hope Airport platform where a free shuttle will take travelers to the terminal area.

  6. I’m with doran, I’d love a line that goes straight to the SFV from here in the SGV without detouring through downtown.

  7. YES to a line straight to SFV from SGV!!!! I would take that!! as it stands now it would take me 3 hours to get to work via the route set up they have now via downtown.

  8. Will, you’re correct that Metrolink does indeed stop at the Bob Hope Airport. Even more awesome would be if the Red Line met up there as well. Also, Metrolink is EXPENSIVE!

  9. Metrolink is very expensive, like 5 times as expensive as the subway for the same distance. A friend of mine was looking to ditch his car and take Metrolink into Burbank, but found it would be almost twice the cost of his gas, and he’d still have to bike/drive several miles on each end. Plus it has a much more limited schedule. (If Metrolink lowered prices/increased frequency within LA/Burbank that would be great though.)

    But more subways/light rail would be awesome since I have to go very close to the Burbank airport every day for work! (And toss in a subway line to Ikea and I’ll officially sell my car.)

  10. I think that is a good idea. I also have thought that a subway along Ventura Blvd would be smart. But I also think the Redline should continue directly north, maybe coming above ground at some point, and continuing to the North San Fernando Valley and maybe even continuing up to Santa Clarita, Valencia area.

  11. Actually, that’s why the Red Line/MetroLink connection would be so good. The Metrolink heads north. The Red Line, on the other hand, could continue East from North Hollywood through Burbank, Glendale, Eagle Rock, and ultimately meet up with the Gold Line in Pasadena.

    So it’s settled. When do we get started Ms. O’Connor?

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