Downey Farmer’s Market: Bigger and Better

Downey Farmer’s Market-set 2

This weekend, people in Downey and the surrounding areas should come visit the Farmer’s Market. Since it’s debut a month ago, the market has doubled in size. More fruit vendors have set up shop, some prepared food vendors have shown up, more flower growers have arrived and there is now a band playing for the crowd.

The band was playing marimbas two weeks ago, and one week ago it consisted of a man singing with guitar accompaniment. It lends a friendly, welcoming air to the street scene.

As a teenager growing up in Downey, I believed it to be a stuffy, conservative city full of old people. I was glad to get out of it and go into LA proper, and I was thrilled when I left for college. Now that I’m approaching 30 (!), I appreciate the view of Downey that the farmers market is giving me: a diverse group of people who are not nearly as stuffy as they once seemed.

Downey Farmer’s Market

8200 2nd St.

Downey, CA 90241

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