Yet Another Reason the Mayor Should Stay in Town and Do His Job


According to the Daily News, 2 out of 3 people in Los Angeles are struggling to get by. 2 out of 3. I live in the San Fernando Valley, where arguably, the recession has hit the hardest. You cannot drive down a street in Van Nuys or North Hollywood without seeing “Bank Owned” or “Short Sale.” If you look closely, if you allow yourself to make eye contact, you can see the pain. The worry. The resignation.

The man who was elected by these people to make their lives better, is absent.

This city needs someone with integrity and passion. Someone who does not envision the job as a stepping stone to a higher political office. Someone who cares about the citizens that cannot afford cars. Homes. Food. Someone who gives hope and not rhetoric. Someone who delivers on promises of education. Safety. Transit.

Someone who stays in town until the job is done.

Graphic from the Daily News

5 thoughts on “Yet Another Reason the Mayor Should Stay in Town and Do His Job”

  1. What happened to Mr. Newsweek? I thought he was supposed to the Latino Messiah.

    If you like him as mayor, just wait till he runs for governor.

  2. So if the Mayor had said;
    “Don’t buy houses you can’t afford in the hopes of selling them for a profit.”
    “Don’t rack up credit card debt buying things you don’t need.”
    “Don’t buy SUV’s that get awful mileage.”
    “Don’t have kids until you got some money saved up.”
    People would have listened?

    Nice one, you almost got me with your post. Jokes on me! You are kidding right, blaming the mayor for people spending more than they have/make.

  3. Actually, the title of this post should’ve been…“Yet Another Reason Why Valley Residents Should Have Voted for Secession”

  4. He isn’t a great mayor, but I don’t understand the venom against him.

    Our city is made up of anti-government anti-tax individuals and we designed a city where the mayor has no power and no resources, then we marvel at the fact that he somehow doesn’t get things done. In a place like New York, the mayor is basically an elected dictator and every mayor defines the city down to its core during his administration.

    I think Mayor Tony generally wants to do the right things and even has the right ideas, but he’s not a very strong individual and he’s unwilling to tarnish himself by trying to force through the measures the city really needs.

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