Screwy B. Mayor

Freshly back with his 18-member delegation from a wildly successful taxpayer-supporter tour of Israel, Mayor Antoniobama Hillarygosa defended the trip by saying:

“I’m mayor of the city of Los Angeles, not some small town in the desert somewhere. We are a global city.”

A spokesperson for the mayor vigorously denied rumors that an aide had to remind him what city he presided over and how it’s commonly pronounced and asserted that there was no slight meant to any small desert towns anywhere. But in response to the comment an international coalition of city officials from the small California desert towns of Baker, Trona, Furnace Creek and Needles as well as Douz, Tunisia, have drafted a resolution telling him where he could put the internationally renowned Baker landmark known as the World’s Largest Thermometer.

According to the spokesperson, the mayor will be happy to respond to that protest after he and a 24-member delegation return from a publicly funded 12-day conference on naval and foosball strategies taking place in the resort city of Digya, Bureaucratistan.

10 thoughts on “Screwy B. Mayor”

  1. This guy is a complete joke. Skyrocketing gas prices, widespread mortgage crisis, deteriorating infrastructure, laughable public transit, and the groundbreaking legalization of gay marriage and he’s nowhere near the city.

    Remember nonsense like this when it comes time for re-election.

  2. man, asia, el salvador y mexico, and israel? i gotta get me his job.

    oh right, and i get to sleep around with power hungry los angeles tramps…

  3. Awe, I love the desert this time of year. Gimme Calico, Baker, Furnace Creek or Amargosa Junction any day. Tall glass of ice water and I am set.

  4. Hillarygosa

    LOL…..haven’t heard that one before.

    Well, *some* of us never voted for this clown in the first place ; )

    So far, it lookingl like Walter Moore will be getting my vote next March.

  5. “I’m mayor of the city of Los Angeles, not some small town in the desert somewhere. We are a global city.”

    …right. So, then, just where are we on the globe?


    Not in the Levant. I’m pretty sure.

  6. Hello…. Did any of you watch “The Shield?” I saw this guys true character 3 seasons ago. Who ever has got the polaroid of Mayor T, now is the time to use it!

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