Saints & Angels: Molly McAleer

molly.jpgAt MetBlogs, we like to recap what local bloggers are writing about a few times a week. Every now and then, one person stands out in the thick cloud of the Los Angeles Smogosphere for something they’ve done that makes life better in L.A.

Meet Molly McAleer of Koreatown. She blogs at molls…she wrote. She writes of meeting one Thelma Bell, who is just a couple of months shy of turning 100. She offers to give Thelma a ride from the Ralph’s at Wilshire & Western, who turns it down. So, she walks her home instead.

She’s lived in Koreatown for over 48 years in the same apartment. She’s from West Virginia and she has a son. Her grandson stole her gold teeth that were worth four thousand dollars.

When we got to her apartment, we walked her upstairs and gave her hugs. We promised to take her to lunch sometime and take her for a big grocery order where she could get all the food she wanted and not just what she could carry. I really hope that we follow through on it. Cliche as it sounds, talking to her today and walking her four blocks to her home gave me a lot more than it gave her.

Good looking out, Molls.

Photo from molls…she wrote

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  1. Her cohort Kendall performs at UCB on Monday Nights with the Harold Team Flap Jackson. She (they) are hella funny.

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