Two Wrongs Make a Right? Michaelangelo Moves into Flor Morena Location.

I spotted this banner and construction at the intersection of Glendale and Rowena earlier in the week, and it conveniently answers two questions that have been causing hand-wringing among Silver Lake foodies for months:

  1. “What’s happening with Flor Morena’s old building?”
  2. “Where is Michaelangelo going to move?”

Turns out, Michaelangelo is moving into Flor Morena’s arguably prime location. Here’s hoping they have more luck with it than the previous tenants.

5 thoughts on “Two Wrongs Make a Right? Michaelangelo Moves into Flor Morena Location.”

  1. I’d been hoping the Back Door Bakery/Cafe that got thrown out of its space on Silver Lake Boulevard a few months ago would make its new home here, but Michelangelo’s will do fine. From your pic of the place, I’m kinda bummed they got rid of those awesome huge windows that Flor’s had installed in exchange for those tiny ones, but oh well.

  2. I was JUST ABOUT to post this!

    Yeah, I hope it does better than Flor Morena, but there’s still no parking there (three spaces are as bad as no spaces).

    Bring back the Auto Bar???

  3. That’s great news, as I’ve always liked Michaelangelo’s comfort food and service (not to mention their fettucine alfredo). Let’s hope they can shake off the new/old location’s bad juju.

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