Mid-Week Round-Up: Geeks Rule

For you Battlestar fans, Jane Espenson reports on a collaborative joke between the audience and creator Ron Moore at last week’s screening of the finale.

Friend of Metblogs Jessica Stover’s website for her film, Artemis Eternal, has won a WebVisionary Award. Congratulations, Jessica!

Over at Anti-Social Networking, Slackmistress reviews Newsweek’s article on hot nerd girls.

Mike ran into some less-than-nerdy girls, and they were rude. I blame Sex and the City.

Chez Shoes tries the bus for a second time, this time with some success. What the hell are they thinking, putting televisions on buses?

And Wil Wheaton is taking a short blogging break. Did I really just link to a post about not posting? Well, yes. I did. Because I want to know: what are you doing with your summer?

3 thoughts on “Mid-Week Round-Up: Geeks Rule”

  1. Yknow, if those chick had their quadratic equations on that chair, I’d be okay with it. But I guess purse > people?

    My summer is the same as my spring, only with less clothes!

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