Metro Has Communication Issues With L.A.; Breakup Imminent

cityhallfail.jpgIn today’s “interactive” chat with Metro’s Pam O’Connor, one question & answer said it all:

Q: Where can we find information on what is being done for future bike paths/routes, as well as established ones?

A: Just found out about a new source (well new to me) and that’s and that may help you find a route. And be sure to tell your city council member that bike paths and bike networks are important!

Umm… what?

Why are we paying taxes so that government entities run around in circles, not communicating with each other? Is it not the job of these agencies to work together on one cohesive plan that improves the quality of life in the city they serve? Trains, buses, bike paths, walkable streets, safety. Do you mean to tell me that unless we all stop what we’re doing at our full-time jobs to call Wendy Greuel’s office to suggest that we want a safe, walkable, bikeable neighborhood with convenient access to public transit that it ain’t gonna happen?

Why are we paying these people again?

One thought on “Metro Has Communication Issues With L.A.; Breakup Imminent”

  1. Hmmm, I may be misunderstanding your point, but I think the situation is that for a council member, the suggestions mean more coming from the constituents (voters!) than from the Metro office. After all, what’s good for Metro isn’t necessarily what’s good for a particular district, as each district’s needs are different.
    Also, it’s one thing for Pam O’Connor to write up a report for City Council mentioning that someone inquired about bike paths, but if thousands of people took the time to write it would probably make more of an impact, no?

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