OMG! Freekin’ Warped Tour!…Still!

you get what you pay forYes, the Warped Tour is still happening! After all these years! Year after year, it still happens!


We’ve got tickets to give away to their shows in Pomona (6/20) and Ventura (6.22)! You could see Against Me!, The Aggrolites, Angels & Airwaves, As I Lay Dying (Playing 6/20-7/18), The Bronx, Cobra Starship, Fear (Playing 6/22), Gil Mantera’s Party Dream, Gym Class Heroes, HorrorPops, Katy Perry, Pennywise (Playing 6/20-6/29 and 7/15-8/3), Reel Big Fish, Relient K, Say Anything, Shwayze, Skeet Skeet, Story of the Year and too, too many more. Too many.

But I plan to make it difficult for you, or perhaps at least counterintuitive. Because I’m a pain in the ass.

To win, you have to tell me your LEAST FAVORITE BAND on the bill, and you have to give me a good reason why you hate them with every fiber of your being. Vitriol. Rage. Bile. Ad hominem attacks. Go on. Impress me. Be a hater.

If ya don’t win, and you still want tickets, buy ’em for Pomona (6/20) or Ventura (6.22)!

6 thoughts on “OMG! Freekin’ Warped Tour!…Still!”

  1. Oh great…The Horrorpops. Ya know, the chick who sounds like Gwen Stefani but looks like a composite sketch of every chick obsessed with Bettie Page and Mike Ness.

    Blech. Music today blows. And half the time, it’s the fans of the bands who ruin the music for me and not the actual band itself.

    – AP

  2. If I’d ever heard of a single band on this list I’d confirm that they all SUCK. Everything has been done and done better than any of these stupid bands are probably doing. I’m sure they all f’ing sound like some other band that their older brother/sister listened to. I don’t have to know any of these bands to know they are all ripoffs and suck. It’s as simple as this; I’ve never heard of them so they must be post 1986 bands which means they f’ing SUCK. I wish they would all get a f’ing life and not take up air/internet waves with their crappy music. I WANT MORE EIGHTIES FLASHBACKS YOU MUTHA F*CKERS. In addition, I’m sure they all have MySpace Music pages which completely confirms that they SUCK. Blah, blah check us out on MySpace, blah, blah…… F’ing losers! Oh yeah, a f’ing shoe company sponsors your tour? How bad must you SUCK if f’ing shoes are paying for your tour. I may not know who the f*ck any of you losers are but rest assured that I am not afraid of you or your SUCKIE shoe tour and if you’ve got anything to say you can f’ing hit me up on my mutha f’ing MySpace.

  3. As my old friend Freddie used to say “We are the mutha f’ing champions my friendssss, dum-dum, and you can all go f*ck off, to the end.”

  4. My least favorite band on the tour would have to be Cobra Starship. Mainly because I can’t stand the way they look and dress with the lime green, hot pink and purple pants, the bright sunglasses and ugly Nike’s but their music is terrible too. This bands style and music is all just a fad, in a couple years I’m sure no one will remember them. Oh, and I can’t stand Gabe Saporta. If I get these tickets I won’t be watching them.

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