Monday Bullets: There appears to be an event happening…


  • Militant Angeleno celebrates one year of giving you his unsolicited opinion on all things Los Angeles. In his usual third-person postage, he announces his plan to celebrate for one entire week. You know, like your friends that drag out their birthdays for the entire week?
  • Gays can marry! Each other! Legally! Is this the end of gay culture as we know it? Are the gays disappearing with the bees? Boi From Troy ponders the new alternative lifestyle identity crisis.
  • UnHip LA likes Shakespeare. Especially when it’s performed outside. And for free. Stop twittering about donuts and go get some culture.
  • Hollywood may be getting a park by “capping” the 101. Downtown wants one too. LA Cowboy tells us how more parks like these will help join together broken communities in DTLA. Hopefully, the plants won’t make us want to kill ourselves.
  • And Antisocial Networking wants to know your first nerd crush. Why is this important? Because ASN is run by the Slackmistress, who is married to Metblogger 8 Track Kid, and this is his birthday week. And when you make her happy, she makes him happy, which is always good for the general population.
    • Picture of my first nerd crush after the jump!

Photo of Andy, Wondering Why the Trees Want to Hurt Him, from Here in Van Nuys


Oh, Wilma. I would totally move to New Chicago for you.

8 thoughts on “Monday Bullets: There appears to be an event happening…”

  1. If you think birthday week is bad I used to date a girl who believed that her birthday should be celebrated from it’s actual date in November until the end of the calender year.

  2. I thought so too, Matt. But, now I believe it may be the greatest film ever made. That is the only way I can justify having spent 90 minutes of life watching it on Friday night.

    Go M. Night! Keep on keeping on!

  3. I think I liked Indiana Jones better, and I was almost equally as pissed after that movie. Why are these movies making me so mad?! You don’t want to be around me when I get mad, bad things happen. Rooooaaaarrrrrr!!!!!

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