Raiders for Life

The other day, I asked my neighbor if I could borrow his lawnmower. As he showed this n00b how to use it, a truck drove up in all it’s Raiders glory:

click for a closer view

Wow. You see people with Raiders caps and stickers on their cars, but this is dedication. Turns out the owner of the truck is a mechanic who knew my neighbors. He was such a fun, happy guy…so unlike 98% of the Raiders fans in my life.

Speaking about his truck, the mechanic said that it cost only $5000 to get the entire thing painted. From what I got in my limited Spanish was that he got signatures of Raiders going back to the beginning of time, then paid someone to paint them in mirror image on both sides of the truck. I caught a couple more photos before he went on his merry way.

2 thoughts on “Raiders for Life”

  1. AWESOME! I’ve always rooted for the Raiders even though my first love was the L.A. Rams (until they stepped on my heart when owner Georgia moved them to Anaheim). I fully embraced the Silver & Black when they came to town and have lived and died (mostly died) with them ever since they left. I expect I’d fall more in that 2% category than the 98%, but if I saw this truck in person I’d just go oooo-ga-ga-ooooo reading the signatures emblazoned on its panels.

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