11 thoughts on “Missing woman found safe”

  1. I am not trying to be mean, but I am a native here and unless she had serious harm done to her, she needs to leave like now. “If” it turns out she was a drunk, stupid tramp that had to much to drink and parked it (which I’m sure is what she did) she needs her ass beat!! California has enough problems without these crazy, wannabees doing stupid things like that. Know how much that little search cost us??? A lot. Thanks bitch, GO HOME!!!!!!!DONT COME BACK!!!!!!!!!

  2. Why is this presented in the media as a Pauly Perrette story? I’ve now read three news stories where the focus was on “NCIS Star” Perrette and her missing friend, rather than on Lami Powlesland, the woman who was actually, you know, missing.

    I really don’t care if Ms. Perrette is happy that her friend was found. I am interested in knowing some of the facts about the disappearance and whether any foul play was involved. As for the rest, it belongs in the Entertainment section or, better yet, nowhere.

  3. I tend to lean with Doran. Nice she is safe. Where are the details about why she disappeared. After that it can fall on ET tonight or TMZ where I don’t have to be bothered.

  4. 1. I don’t know if anyone noticed, but in my original posting about this I made sure Lami’s photos were front and center, and her license plate number was also made available.

    2. Its unlikely this story would have ever even hit national media if it weren’t for Perrette’s involvement. People are reported missing everyday and it doesn’t get reported.

    3. Unfortunately, missing dog stories get more attention locally nowadays. Its a shame that it takes a celebrity in most cases for most people to notice when a fellow human goes missing.

    4. While Entertainment Tonight and other national media made no effort to show pics or link to info with Lami’s photos, CBS2/KCAL9 did show photos of the young woman.

  5. My problem isn’t with Perrete’s involvement in bringing attention to her missing friend, it’s that the “NCIS Star” was the focus of the several stories I read, two of which only included photos of Perrette, with little information about Ms. Powlesland.

    David, your posts thankfully are not among that group.

  6. Fwiw, the link in Darleene’s comment above says Powlesland “left a mental health clinic…” to come to LA. Even if there is no foul play, it sounds like there might be more than a night of overdoing involved here.

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