LAUSD Budget Cuts Office Personnel

There was only one thing on my mind as this past week began: “Will I be getting laid off?” My question was answered this past Tuesday, when the LAUSD Board sat down and released their budget.

It appears that I will not be getting laid off this year; 500 clerical jobs will be cut instead. My disdain for the LAUSD bureaucracy is well-known. While I feel bad that any person must lose their job (especially in this economic climate), I know that the silver lining is that LAUSD might start hacking off bits of its bureaucracy. I joke with my friends and family that LAUSD can finally lay off positions like, “Stamp Licker”, “Phone Dialer”, “Pencil Sharpener,” and (my personal favorite) “Everyone on this list.”

I waited a few days before posting to filter out rumors and the like. To no avail, as no rumor was dispelled and more were created as the week went on.

I’ve heard that employees will have furlough days. I’ve heard that this will be for clerical only, and I’ve heard that this will be for all employees. Who knows? What I do know is that UTLA president A.J. Duffy has pointed out that any furlough days for teachers will be in violation of the contract, and therefore illegal.

I have also heard that there will be a freeze on all school supply requests. No one in an official capacity (LAUSD or UTLA) has been able to confirm or deny this rumor. What I do know is that my department at my school placed our supply order months ago, and everything was delivered to us two weeks ago.

I have heard that arts and sports will be cut (so-called “non-essential courses”), but again, no one in an official capacity has confirmed or denied this.

The only wise thing I have heard is this statement, taken from The Daily Breeze:

Duffy said the union instead is proposing the closure and sale of the district’s downtown Beaudry Building headquarters, transferring mini-district administrators to school sites, cutting layers of middle management and reducing outside contracts. “Then there would be money for teachers and educational programs,” Duffy said. “LAUSD’s bureaucracy is the single biggest impediment to education in Los Angeles.”

I heard on the radio, though, that any sale of real estate can only be used to purchase more real estate due to a clause in the City Charter. Like we’d be able to get rid of it in this market anyhow.

Oof. This is too much.

2 thoughts on “LAUSD Budget Cuts Office Personnel”

  1. I’d rather see some non-essential clerical jobs go instead of teachers and schools closing bringing overcrowded classrooms in its wake.

    LAUSD is in better shape than the smaller districts like my own MUSD. 1M from us hurts. the 09-10 school year we have been warned will include yet another 1M cut. That will result in either an elementary school or a middle school closed causing severly overcrowded classroom.

    What are we to do?

  2. New teachers (ones who started last year) will be laid off. The three new teachers at my daughter’s school already received pink slips.
    And although I am happy LAUSD will not be increasing class size (the one factor in the dramatically increasing test scores at my kids school has been smaller class size) I wonder what kind of schools we will have with out the added extras like math and reading coaches, reduced nurse days and fewer music and library hours. Many school use Categorical funds (money they get for low income kids or kids from families that don’t speak English) to fund these programs. The Governor cut these funds (but when he says the schools are getting more next year then this, he does not count the loss of these funds). Schools that don’t have large populations of poor or English Learners use School and Library improvement funds to help fund the nurse, music and PE. LAUSD has restored these funds, thankfully. But that has caused a riff between the “Middle Class” schools and the”working class” schools. And between school board members who openly fought about who is hurt more, rich or poor. Hell all LAUSD schools are in the same boat and it all sucks!!!

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