Get a grip chick, it is only your first day out

June 15, 2008 at 12:00 pm in San Gabriel Valley

getagrip.jpgHawk chick that is.  The nesting pair of Hawk’s came back as I reported last week.  This morning I was greeted to this chick, still with his downy feathers in places in my garden.  I suspect this one is a male given the bolder pattern on its feathers.

We watched him cower in the ground cover.  We turned our backs to grab cameras and he attempted to fly away only to get himself stuck in an awkward position.  I think he was as fearful of us as we were amazed by his presence.  (This pic will get bigger with a click)

During all of this Mr. Hawk was next to the nest watching over.  Mrs. Hawk was about hunting, depositing its catch atop power poles to soften before feeding the young.  (Hawks feed their chicks by eating, pre-digesting their kill then regurgitating into the chicks mouths). 

The big surprise is that we also found out that they had 2 chicks again this year.  The chicks should be learning to hunt on their own in a few more weeks.  The hunt is always interesting part of their learning curve.  Watching them learn to grab a squirrel or rat off a power line is one thing.  To see them pull a parrot out of the sky for lunch is the more amazing feat.  Buy the time they have the latter mastered the parents leave the chicks to fend for themselves. 

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and just a little up close and personal…

All pics by me.  More of them can be found in my Urban Critters set on flickr.

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