Weekend Outing: Gabrielino Trail


Last weekend I went searching for Evergreen Cemetery. By the time I got there, it was closed. The dead were, apparently, off duty. So faced with nothing else to do I explored the area between the 10-710 interchange and the San Gabriel Mountains, delving into a neighborhood that, even after five years in the L.A. area, was still a mystery to me. I wound up on a bluff in Altadena, overlooking JPL where, happily, I found a trailhead. The next day, I explored it with a friend and found this:

Water in Los Angeles

And this:

Broken Bridge

And this, too:

Gabrielino Trail

According to Wikipedia, when the Gabrielino Trail was created, the Forest Service said this:

This trail has been created for you – the city dweller – so that you might exchange, for a short time, the hectic scene of your urban life for the rugged beauty and freedom of adventure into the solitary wonderland of nature.

So get out there and frolic!