Looking For Tacos In NYC

A few weeks ago I posted something about a favorite pastime of transplants from the East Coast (and elsewhere)  called “Everything Was Better Where I Came From” (you can read it here).  The game is simple, someone moves to Los Angeles and then pines for food from wherever city they came from.  I have played this game but I rarely do it any more because after nine plus years LA feels more like home than anywhere else.

As  I pointed out in the earlier post, this game can work both ways.   I’m surebceaca8096c4139c_m.jpg that if I was ever forced at gunpoint to leave Los Angeles (because that is what it would take) I would lie awake in some other city missing the food, especially the tacos.  I’ve been to many cites and tasted many dishes but there’s nothing I enjoy quite like a taco in Los Angeles and I know I’m not the only one who feels this way.

Recently, one of our own packed up and moved to New York.  I’m not sure why they did this, but I’m sure they had a very good reason.  Whatever the reason, they discovered something very important when they arrived: New York City has many wonderful dining options but very few of them involve tacos.   Now if this happened to you or I, we might just quietly dream of tacos and wait for a chance to get back home, but this person decided to take action and create:

Lost Taco – Searching For A Decent Taco in NYC 

Since the beginning of the month they have been traveling the New York City looking for tacos.  So far they have had mixed results but they say they will keep trying until they find THE BEST taco that town has to offer.  I admire their courage, plus they get bonus points for their shout out to The Great Taco Hunt.

On behalf of LA Metblogs and the city of Los Angeles I wish Lost Taco good luck.

(Photo steak taco from King Taco courtesy of Biggest Menu.com

3 thoughts on “Looking For Tacos In NYC”

  1. The tacos here certainly are special. I too am a transplant, just shy of 2 years as an Angeleno. As a Midwesterner from a fairly rural area, I’d say my pastime has been more like “Everything Was Different Where I Came From.” Sure I miss some things, but this place is so damned big I can almost always find a fairly suitable replacement for the food I loved back home. Except maybe pizza (and I’m not even a New Yorker).

    Los Angeles has redefined the word taco for me. I wish them luck finding something comparable in NYC.

  2. I’m the opposite as in almost all of the food I had when I lived in CA (Not in LA but not too far north of there) was better than what I have available here. Of course my options are limited here, or anywhere in the large surrounding area. Everytime I go out to eat (which isn’t often here) I’m always comparing the food. Like “we had 2 Indian restaurants and 2 Thai restaurants in walking distance” or “the burritos were this big and would last me for 3 meals” or “there I could get chorizo on my nachos for fuck’s sake”.

    And I say almost all of the food because the only thing I never found that was better than home was southern food, but it is hard to find southern style, period, outside of the south. I’m sure there’s a reason for that.

  3. You cant get good green chile here. My kingdom for a bean burrito which chicharrones and smothered in green chilli. I go back to Denver and buy a roasted bushell of New Mexico green chillis to make it myself.

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