LAPD searching Runyon Canyon for missing TN woman

UPDATE (6/15/08): Lami Powlesland was found safe Sunday morning.

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Photos of Lami Powlesland from her MySpace page.

Los Angeles Police searched Runyon Canyon park in Hollywood Saturday night for Lami Nicole Powlesland, 24, of Nashville, TN, who was last seen Wednesday in either Santa Monica or Hollywood. The 6 foot tall Powlesland had driven to the Los Angeles area a few days earlier for a break, according to Sgt. Barela with LAPD Media Relations.

The search began after a hiker found Powlesland’s purse in the park and contacted police. The contents of the purse were discovered laid out nicely, including her cell phone, drivers license, and jewelry.

The search was called off around 10pm, and will resume in Sunday with dayight.

Her black Jeep Liberty is also missing. It has Tennessee license plate #569HSF. If you have any information the could help police locate Powlesland, please call 213-485-4328.

Hollywood residents, including this writer, may have noticed the bright light glowing from inside Runyon Canyon after sunset, along with a hovering helicopter. While choppers are a pretty common sight at any hour here or in most parts of the city, its rare to see them shining a light into the park.

Sgt. Barela told me this was due to a “flare” being used in conjunction with a camera mounted on an LAPD chopper that sees heat.

I was also distressed to find out Powlesland was raised in the Toledo, Ohio area, where I grew up – even the name on her MySpace profile, “Klinger,” shows her local pride – that was the name of Jamie Farr’s character on M*A*S*H. Klinger was the crossdresser, who, when not in a dress, would wear a Toledo Mud Hens cap – actor Farr is also from Toledo). Powlesland went to high school in Sylvania, and spent two years at the Univerity of Toledo, before moving to Nashville, where she has recently worked at a Cheesecake Factory. She lists on MySpace that she is attending Nashville State Technical Community College.

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