Bon Voyage, Intrepid Sailor!

Sixteen-year-old Angeleno Zac Sunderland sets sail today on a trip around the world… alone. His goal is to become the youngest person to ever sail around the world alone, a record currently held by Australian David Dicks who was 18 when he completed his 1996 voyage.

Reading the article I immediately thought of Robin Lee Graham, who sailed around the world alone when he was 16, but took five years to do it. Graham is an autodidact whose book Dove relates his voyage and follow-up Home is the Sailor tells of his choice to quit Stanford after a year and become a homesteader in Montana.

I can’t wait to read Sunderland’s book (assuming that he writes one). And personally, I’m hoping he’ll skip the standardized tests. He is getting an incomparable education–why should he prove that he knows how to take a test?

Bon Voyage, Zac!