Win Tix to Islands at the El Rey, June 17!

islands.jpgEDIT: The venue for this show has been changed to the El Rey from the Fonda, in case any of you bought tix to the original Fonda show. Also the openers have changed: Mr. Grainger couldn’t make it, but AWOL will be in his place.)

It’s impossible to not dig the hummable tunes from Islands, tweaked with poppy melodies and calypso tones, country twangs and hip-hop grooves (prolly drawn on from their time working with Busdriver). The former Unicorns dudes have decamped their late band (can unicorns ever last? we didn’t think so) but formed something fabulous in its stead.

We’ve got tic-tic-tickets to give away! Just answer below, in the comments, this question (be sure to put your contact email in there!!!):

If you could go to any island on the planet, which would it be and why?

Winners get a pair of tix courtesy of Goldenvoice, whom we clearly & obviously are gay for.

Islands on youtube

And their openers Sebastien Grainger AWOL
…and Crayonsmith

11 thoughts on “Win Tix to Islands at the El Rey, June 17!”

  1. i’d want to go to japan, where they now limit your waist measurements! fantastic. otherwise, i’d want to go there for the endless pachinko parlors and crepe stands.

    [email protected]

  2. One islands I would NEVER go to: Islands Burgers. Been there. More than once. Each time: worst burgers ever!

    I know I’m ineligible, but I’d go to Dharma Island! Its calling me… the whispers… the numbers…

  3. Austrailia. I know its a continent, but that just means its a reallllllly big island

    Thanks! Fullgl at gmail dot com

  4. Menorca, the smallest of Spain’s islas baleares. Because it has all the beauty of mallorca and all the fun of ibiza, without the touristyness of either……and cause it was the first place i had beach sex.

  5. I would go to the Principality of Sealand. Come on. Who wouldn’t want to visit a micronation?

  6. I don’t know if this contest is still open, but I’d go to Greenland. But only when I’m unemployed. Then maybe someone will hire me to start a war.

    mrhooks at yahoo dot com

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