Kobe jumps the snakes.

Wherein the Laker’s Kobe Bryant tries to jump over a pool full of snakes to make a dunk.


Apparently a clip from “Jackass.” (via Uberazzi]

4 thoughts on “Kobe jumps the snakes.”

  1. That jump was impressive as hell, but the fact that there’s a dude sitting in the pool with the snakes sure makes the whole thing seem far less dangerous than it first sounds.

  2. How anyone could think that was real is beyond me. SO SO SO fake. Nice digital manipulation work though.

    Plus, that’s a really shitty way to treat snakes. I imagine more than one of them was injured or killed for this stupid video. I’m no big animal rights whacko, but snakes are pretty cool. Why hurt them for something like this?

  3. snore. Not to mention that those snakes could be injured in the filming of this lame stunt.

  4. So it’s like jumping the shark, with an athlete – like when an athlete performs so poorly, he has to do something outrageous as a distraction.. with Kobe’s performance in the playoffs, Kobe has ‘jumped the snakes..’

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