How to Ride Your Bike to Work in L.A. – Part II

bikeroute.jpgSo I rode. And lived. I commuted to work this morning by bicycle.

Studio City to Sherman Oaks in 20 minutes to accommodate nerves, a mountain bike that would rather see dirt, and drivers who have yet to go hands-free. I got warped by a wannabe Lance Armstrong and his shiny pants. I got strange looks from outdoor patrons at a Starbucks. And I almost bit it near the Scrubs hospital because the crew was blocking the bike lane – which they always do.

But, I made it. I rode past a Chevron advertising gas at $4.73 a gallon for unleaded, and I smiled. Yes, I will have to stop there at some point and fill up the Jeep again. Yes, it will probably be more than $4.73 when I do. (Travis spotted $5.02 in Studio City just last night.) But, at least I won’t have to do it today.

I want to thank everyone that dropped a comment yesterday with their bike tips. Maybe you are the “macho bike Kulture anti-ped-anti-car evangelists” that El Chavo claims. But I think it says a lot that a group of such die-hards would be so willing to welcome to another bike on the street.

Even if I refuse to wear the shiny pants.

9 thoughts on “How to Ride Your Bike to Work in L.A. – Part II”

  1. Congratulations, Jason. In addition to saving a bundle on gas, commuting to work on a bike is also a great way to stay in shape.

    a mountain bike that would rather see dirt

    Do yourself a favor and buy a road bike or (probably better) a hybrid. You’ll get a much better return on your effort with 700cc wheels over 26″ wheels. Not a big deal if you only ride occasionally, but definitely worth it if you’re going to commute regularly.

  2. Just read the other thread and wanted to offer another tip that I didn’t see: make eye contact with drivers! Especially drivers that are turning from side streets into your lane, but really any of them that are in your vicinity. It’s the only way to guarantee that they know you’re there.

  3. Yes! Take Spencer’s advice and learn to look driver’s directly in their eyes when you can. It helps.

    Also, don’t listen to El Chavo. He generally has no idea what he’s talking about when it comes to bikes.

  4. And furthermore, you should ride against the flow of traffic as it’s easier to see the cars coming at you. Words of wisdom, my friend.

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