“Snake? Snaaaake!”

Hello friends! Tonight at midnight, Metal Gear Solid 4 finally comes out for the PS3! Several Gamestops and Best Buys will be open at midnight to sell the game to rabid fans who have been waiting years to virtually sneak around a war zone and punch some dude in the crotch… for only $59.99!

The most notable launch event, in our opinion, takes place at 11:45 pm – 1:00am tonight at the Best Buy on La Brea and Santa Monica. The voice of Solid Snake, L.A. native David Hayter, will be signing copies of the game. Also signing are Producer Kenichiro Imaizum and Associate Producer Ryan Payton.

Get in line soon!

Photo taken from Kotaku.com

2 thoughts on ““Snake? Snaaaake!””

  1. I remain totally bamboozled at the retail price of video games — especially since I can rent the things for the few days it will take me to get bored and return it so I can smugly take the rest of the money I saved and by bike stuff I don’t need.

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