Reason #97 in my book on why I love LA

Filming.  I swear I am still a nube after some 20 years when I see a film crew set up, I get all excited like it is my first time all over again.  When its small stuff like this I get to ask questions and find out what they are doing.  Today’s filming was for potential commercials.  Some footage was also intended for internal training films. 

It wasn’t meant to be my big break and the fam and I weren’t interviewed today.  Do you think maybe it was over the “no I won’t get you hot Cheetos as they are empty calories” and the ensuing snit that lost us the gig?

Pic by me with the trusty phone cam. 

One thought on “Reason #97 in my book on why I love LA”

  1. Wow.. we are the exact opposite. Everytime I see a film crew setting up, I’m annoyed. When I lived in Los Feliz, it seemed like every 3 weeks roads were blocked off, nighttime seemed like day with flood lights.. I hated it. Oh the BEST was when I couldn’t park near my apartment because the film crew took up all of street parking. Bonus. I moved to Santa Clarita to get away from all of the filming.. but that failed. They LOVE filming NCIS and CSI and movies out here.. I can’t get away from production crews.

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