Metro TweetWatch: Gas is Expensive!


Metro is using Twitter again. If they keep this up, they might accidentally become informative.

Today’s tweet:

Ave. California gas today: $4.38 a gallon. Public transit users in LA, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino and Ventura Counties: 4.5 percent

Wow. Thanks, Metro. Build us some damn trains so we can stop driving around, mmmkay?

6 thoughts on “Metro TweetWatch: Gas is Expensive!”

  1. Build us some damn trains so we can stop driving around, mmmkay?

    I hear you, though I think it’s important to point out that there are plenty of viable transportation options that don’t involve driving and also aren’t trains.

  2. Yes, there is some transit, jus not in my ‘hood. We have one little bus line that looks like a trolly that goes from the businesses on Huntington up Myrtle and back.

    After that we are screwed. What bus service we have goes no where I need to be. Fortunately I don’t have to commute. I do have to get kids to school (no bus service for that), an odd supply run which would be a load too big for one to haul alone on a bus. After that the grocery store and costco.

    My wife has to drive to Pomona. Fortunately it is opposite of the traffic flow so it is 20-25 minutes each way. Unfortunately what buses we have in the area don’t go directly where she needs to be or are not running when she leaves the house at 6. If she changed her hours to use the bus it would involve 5 transfers and take 1 hour 30 minutes if everything happened on time and there was no delays with the transfers. An easy 3 hours a day communting. So even at a nose hair away from $5 public transportation doesn’t look good. Fortunately her car is decent on gas (averages 24) so it is way better than a mini-van or SUV would be.

    She would gladly take a train if we had a system like London has. I wonder what it will take to get us a world class transit system. Clearly gas pushing $5/gal hasn’t lit a fire under anyone.

  3. I agree we should have more trains…

    I love the people in Pasadena, though, who ride the Gold Line but wouldn’t dare near go a bus because they’d *gasp* see a poor or homeless person.

    We should have that little minivan bus system like Miami has.

  4. I wasted probably a quarter tank of gas yesterday circle around and around both the Noho and Universal City Metro parking lots trying to find a place to park my car so I could ride the Metro across town instead. No parking within any sort of reasonable walking distance, so I gave up and became another mindless gas guzzling zombie on the freeway. Sucked.

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