Last sack lunch of the school year

Making lunches this morning I realized this was the last one of the school year.  Tomorrow is the last day of school.  Tomorrow is an early release day at the High School.  My youngest has his “5th grade graduation” tomorrow as well.

The last lunch has significance for all of us.  Our routine abruptly changes on Friday.  No longer early rising for school.  We start running new circles for summer jobs, reading round ups at the library and of course THE BEACH weather permitting. 

3 thoughts on “Last sack lunch of the school year”

  1. The last lunch.

    You should have done a Bill Cosby and tabulated how much lunch and cereal your kids ate and charged them a bill when they turn 18.

    P.S. Yes, the beach and the library and such..but what about that fun electroshock game you brought to the last picnic?

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