Fuel Economy Myths: Fact vs. Fiction

With gas prices hitting $4.50 a gallon here in Los Angeles, tips abound on getting the best fuel economy from your car. Steve Mazor, who runs the Automobile Club of Southern California’s Research Center tells us which tips actually work.

Some I hadn’t heard before… like it’s best to fill up the tank on Wednesday because oil companies raise the prices on weekends to gouge weekend drivers. (Myth). I had heard that it’s best to fill up in the morning, because gas expands with heat, but according to research, you only save a couple of pennies because the underground tanks are double lined to prevent heat expansion.

Of course, the best one everyone knows (right?): Make sure your tires are properly inflated. Under inflated tires give your car mileage less bang for the buck!

4 thoughts on “Fuel Economy Myths: Fact vs. Fiction”

  1. All kinds of tricks needed. Sunday I filled my wifes car at Shell for 4.41/gal drove by the same station this morning 4.63/gal. It hurts.

    A lot of common sense is what is needed to save a penny here or there.

    The bigger question is how is the average household that had a $150/mo gas bill 4 years ago going to handle one that is in the $500/mo range, something has to give. For me summer vacations have been cancelled in exchange for a couple of local trips to PS or SLO instead of up to WA and a week in Vail. Damn, damn, damn this all hurts.


    Twice in the last week, at traffic “hour” I’ve experienced the most selfish, self centered LA motorists. Once, two west-side BIMBOS parked in the left lane on Wilshire Blvd, discussing who scratched whose Mercedes, stopping traffic to a crawl from Westwood to Santa Monica.
    Then yesterday, some nitwit stalled & sitting there in the right lane of Wilshire at Sepulveda. JUST SITTING THERE. It took longer to get from 26th ST to Sepulveda than it took to get from Sepulveda to VERMONT. These people should be fined, plus reimburse all the rest of us for our WASTED GAS. Next time you see this, demand their credit card #. Right There On The Spot. Pay-at-the point-of-annoyance.

    (& instead of Vail, try VIRTUALSNOWLA.COM it isn’t Vail but it is all year training in Santa Monica plus its FUN)

  3. Also, for those who drive stick or tiptronic, upshifting early to keep the RPMs low saves a little gas as well.

  4. agreed with mrhooks.. also, don’t “gun it”.. by gentling accelerating, I managed to get 10% better fuel mileage..

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