Coffee, Tea or …


Earlier this week I had the pleasure of meeting NYC based photographer Brian Finke who tipped me off to his exhibition of flight attendants opening this week at Stephen Cohen Gallery (7358 Beverly Boulevard). Over the last two years he’s spent countless hours in flight documenting flight attendants, their lifestyle, and a good bit of behind the scenes. The photos in the online preview are pretty fantastic (especially if you start off with a little bit of a flight attendant fetish to begin with. What?!) and I can only imagine they are that much more breathtaking in person. The show opens Thursday at 7pm, and Brian will be there signing copies of the book that goes with the exhibition which is always awesome for those of us without the wallspace for the larger prints.

2 thoughts on “Coffee, Tea or …”

  1. Is that trick photography, or are they twins?
    Ah, who cares. I’ll take two please.

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