When you boo the Celtics, you boo Los Angeles.

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Toward the end of Sunday night’s Lakers-Celtics game, a gang of Lakers fans decided to attack a handful of brave Celtics fans wearing the Boston jerseys. LAist has a rundown of the mayhem, including video. I don’t think most Angelenos find this behaviour tolerable, but few I doubt find it surprising. These are Lakers fans after all. And sure, the Celtics-Lakers rivalry is a classic, but for good reason:

Los Angeles is a Celtics town

Where are the green and white car flags preparing to celebrate the hometown boys win tonite at the NBA Finals? Yes, I’m talking about the Celtics, and yes, I’m talking Los Angeles.

Celtics #50 Eddie House played 60 games with the Los Angeles Clippers in the ‘04/’05 season, and head coach Doc Rivers was also a Clipper man between ‘91 and ‘92.

#44, Brian Scalabrine earned his social science degree while playing with the USC Trojans.

Both #13 Gabe Pruitt and #34 Paul Pierce call Los Angeles their home town – Pruitt, played at Westchester High before going to USC where he still holds the record for the most three pointers, and Pierce grew up in Inglewood:

“I feel like a little kid,” said Celtics forward Paul Pierce, who grew up in L.A. and used to sneak into the Lakers’ home arena. “Now I understand that, hey, I’m going to be a part of history. This is something I grew up watching, the Laker-Celtics rivalries.” [Associated Press]

And finally, Lakers forward Luke Walton is the offspring of basketball great Bill Walton who led two different teams to defeat L.A.’s championship plans – with the Portland Trailblazers in 1977, and again in 1985 with the Boston Celtics (it probably also burned that before the season began, the Lakers turned down his offer to play with them).

Looking for a friendlier rivalry?

CBS WBZTV in Boston compares Beantown to the City of Angels. CBS 2 in Los Angeles fires back.

6 thoughts on “When you boo the Celtics, you boo Los Angeles.”

  1. We’re basing our rooting interests based on hometown now?

    I see your point here but this flies in the face of fandom. That said most Laker fans have a healthy respect for Paul Pierce but no one associates Doc Rivers with the Clippers or Eddie House with the Lakers. As for Scalabrine’s degree, I suggest he work on his masters from the end of the bench.

  2. Good, we’ll cheer for these players once their contracts run out and they head back home.

    The Militant can’t STAND it when transies yap about “Those LA fans.” First you whine that we don’t show enough spirit and passion, and when we do, you accuse of committing “violence.” Go back home, please.

  3. Yeah, because violence is always acceptable in the name of supporting your local sports team. One does not necessitate the other.

    And the Lakers won the Championship against the Celtics in 1985.

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