Cinematic Titanic Headed For L.A. Berg

Cinematic Titanic

Do you know what a sampo is?

Do you find yourself absently singing the line, “Who’s the puffy guy who’s a big blurry sex machine? Mitchell!”

You ever wake up in a cold sweat in a twist of sheets and realize you were dreaming about Torgo’s knees?

Chances are, you’ll be at The Ford Amphitheater on June 21st when the crew of Cinematic Titanic steam in for the Los Angeles Film Festival. Mystery Science Theater 3000 is no longer, but its two chief alumni are still out there tearing bad movies to shreds. One of them, the show’s creater, Joel Hodgson, is bringing his current incarnation to Cahuenga Boulevard where he and four of the show’s greatest comic minds will be riffing on the film Wasp Woman in front of a live audience.

Torgo terrifies me, Mitchell is a sex god and I haven’t the faintest idea what a sampo is. But I do know where I’ll be that night. See you there, right?

Here’s the scoop.

5 thoughts on “Cinematic Titanic Headed For L.A. Berg”

  1. Kids run for the great taste of Sampo.

    I looooooooooooove MST3K.

    Did you know Mike and the guys were doing something called “The Film Crew” for a while? I bought one of the DVDs, pretty funny.

    Mitchell..hearts poundin’..Mitchell..veins cloggin’…Mitchell! Keep your eyes on the sandwich!

    I love how they mention Mitchell in subsequent films. The very next episode (Mike’s 1st episode) – some guy runs into a room in “The Brain That Wouldn’t Die” and they go “MITCHELLLLL!”

    P.S. Like EVERY episode of MST3K is in 10 parts on YouTube. My girlfriend and I watched “Angels Revenge” the other night. Classic with Jack Palance, Alan Hale Jr., Jim Backus, Arthur Godfrey, and Peter Lawford. I’m not kidding. It will have you rolling.

    – AP

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