New Parking Meters

parkingmeter1.jpgI’ve been mostly out of town for the last two months so when I pulled into my regular public parking spot to get a cold afternoon treat, I noticed the parking meters had all been beheaded and a new-fangled meter installed in one spot near the sidewalk.

Using it is very straighforward — note your spot number, punch it in, then deposit coins or credit card (woot!) to pay. My favorite part is you don’t have to then go back to your car and put a ticket in the window.

I’m sure there are all kinds of ways this new technology will get messed up, but for now, I’m liking it. Have you seen these all over town already and I’m just late? Anyone have any problems with them yet?

Another photo after you deposit a coin in the slot.

Here is the sign that greets you in the parking lot when you arrive.

(Both pics by moi with my phone cam…)

6 thoughts on “New Parking Meters”

  1. I’ve already heard one case of an over-aggressive meter maid attempting to write a ticket in the time it takes a person to walk over the machine and put money in.

  2. We live in Sunset Junction were many of the new meters have been set up.
    We noticed a DOT guy fixing the pay station the other day. We asked how the system was working out and he told us people are catching on, but a few assholes are tring to jam the new meters.

  3. These have been in Old Town Pasadena for a while now. Don’t know exactly how long, but I started noticing them a few of months ago.

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