Busted by Bike Snob NYC

If you were to listen to many of us here, or some of the other websites around LA, you might think some of us actually ride bikes a lot. I mean, like, around LA and things. I think we’ve all teamed up and done a pretty good job of making it seem like we’re bike riders to some extent. Well, that is until the folks at Bike Snob NYC started snooping around and taking photos. Damnit. Things we’re going so well…

“Yes, here in New York you’ll often find fixed-gears locked to street signs and parking meters. In Los Angeles though they just keep them on their cars. Note also the “One Less Car” sticker on the top tube. Sure, the cynics among you may sneer, but keep in mind that this person probably used to somehow use two cars in the course of the day before cobbling together a fixed-gear like the ones he saw on Fixedgeargallery. Either that, or the bike belongs to the driver’s teenage child, and the “One Less Car” sticker refers to the fact that his parents refused to buy him that BMW convertible unless he raised his grades to at least a B-. Either way, it’s an encouraging sign.”

Well that’s it. The jig is up. Which is actually kind of a relief because I was getting sick of loading my bike into my car just to drive a few blocks and then chain in up outside the coffee shop so it looked like I rode there. Now I can also start bitching that the lame-ass bike paths along the LA river aren’t wide enough to drive my car on. Can someone get on this already, Christ, I’m all for keeping up appearances but that’s just stupid.

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