Socs in Crocs


My 11 year old spotted this yesterday and exclaimed “That could be a new Dr Seuss book-Socs in Crocs”.  I had to laugh.  “Fox in Socks” was one of his favorite stories when he was a little guy.  We would read it together and see how fast we could go.  I miss those days.  I’m glad he remembers them.

Pic by me at the Getty with the trusty Cell Phone.

7 thoughts on “Socs in Crocs”

  1. Either way its an abomination and in about another weeks hordes of Iowans will arrive wearing them and showing off their pasty white legs. Argh.

    You have to at least admit the kid was a little clever.

  2. socks in crocs
    thugs in uggs
    uggs in thugs and
    crocs in socks

    I loved that book almost as much as my Joey did.

  3. Crocs and Uggs. Horrible.

    Crocs look like those shoes that nurses wear. I remember one time I was making fun of them and everyone who wears them use the same excuse: “BUT THEY’RE SO COMFORTABLE!”

    Uggs are for the Paris Hilton biatch with the oversized sunglasses who wants to troll around the Paseo or the Americana at Bland while looking like they’re in the Arctic.

    Abominations in deed.

  4. I have recently given in to crocs. They don’t breath all that well despite the holes and sometimes the plastic rubs. So I had to sink to even lower depths and yes, wear them with socks. I tried to kid myself that this was just a call back to my younger, more carefree days when everyone wore “birkenstocks and socks”. I knew that was wrong then just as I can’t deny the hideousness of “crocs and socks” now. And yet I cannot stay away. I just pretend I’m a tourist. Socks and crocs are a joke (on me) around my house–so I love book idea. I don’t think comfort is the honest motivation for wearing them–I think the real reason women wear them is…unlike the equally easy Flip Flop…you don’t have to have your toes done. The crocs keep your filthy, un-manicured secret.

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