New rocket car spotted in Silver Lake

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Extraordinary cars litter the streets of Los Angeles. Exotic Lamborghinis, cherried-out kustom rods, lowrider wet-dreams.

But very, very few L.A. cars spring full-blown from the foreheads of artists – like this one has – and remind us what car design is really about.

This looks to be  Baron Margo‘s latest ride – a Chitty- Chitty- Bang- Bang-esque rocket pod with dualie rear wheels, a propellerized tail and more hand-polished aluminum-and-Bakelite controls knobs than Chuck George Barris could dream up on a meth-and-steampunk bender. I say newest because the seats still haven’t even been installed, there are no plates yet, and it’s polished to within an inch of its life.

More handcrafted gorgeousness after the jump …


I’m told the propeller spins and the tail lights cycle around in harmony with it.

Can’t wait to spot this thing in motion.

21 thoughts on “New rocket car spotted in Silver Lake”

  1. I always liked Chuck Barris’ hats, but I always thought George Barris made better cars. Kinda too bad this doesn’t appear to be ab actual rocket.

  2. I had a total “WTF” moment on Saturday when it cruised by, down Riverside drive, heading for Griffith Park. It sounded like it had a decent engine, judging by the exhaust note. No propeller action at the time, unfortunately.

    I’m glad that one of my lesser mysteries of life is solved. Thanks Mack!

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  4. Its the whacky stuff, the super cool old cars and even the trailer queens that keep our driving around entertaining. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Hey, I am Barons webmaster and even I did not see these pictures! GREAT PICTURES, great blog, THANK YOU in behalf of Baron. CAN I USE THESE PICTURES ON HIS WEBSITE? *he never gives me enough pictures!*

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  7. Thank you Mack, I checked the guidelines for using the photos and I think I can adhere to them all. Great photos, who took them, was it you? Need that to follow the rules… Baron saw them, LOVED THE BLOG, loved the pix, and was overall delighted…

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