The Mystical Unionists: Enter The Cartoon Utopia

Hello Friends! Awesome cartoonist, Ron Rege Jr. is having an art show and concert at the HOPE Gallery in Echo Park with fellow artist and band mate Becky Stark.

From his blog:

‘The Mystical Unionists’ is a project of Becky Stark and Ron Rege Jr, both of the band Lavender Diamond. For one month they will turn the gallery into an ultra-optimistic projection of the future, via constant in-house drawing, musical performances, and puppet theatre. ‘Enter the Cartoon Utopia’ aims to inspire viewers towards positive imaginings for their surroundings, and the empowerment for their realisation.

Utililising his distinctive cartoon line-drawing style, Rege envisions a future utopia, drawing largely from the Los Angeles cityscape, and the genre of 60s utopian sci-fi novels. Stark’s installation consists of multiple miniature stages for future-utopian puppet shows, as well as musical performances and dance, featuring Stark and friends.

It looks to be a swell way to spend a Saturday night… instead of messing with the Zohan, go experience some amazing art, why don’t ya? Click on the flyer for the full deets!