Favorite L.A. Area Spots: Marina Channel

One of my favorite spots happens to be in my backyard, and that’s no accident.  It’s the main channel leading in and out of the Marina del Rey boat harbor, or what we call The Channel. 

If you cannot easily get to The Channel on foot or by bicycle, you can pull right up to it in your car and park (15 minutes for a quarter).  You can walk along The Channel to the jetty at the end.  Turn to your right and you’re at the beach, which is almost always quiet.  Or you can sit in or near your car and watch the boats heading out to or in from the Santa Monica Bay and the ocean beyond, furling and unfurling their sails.  In the distance, you can watch 747’s as big as apartment buildings take off and land at LAX. 

I like to make phone calls from this spot. And In-N-Out Burger is just a couple of miles away.  They have a drive-through window.  You get my drift?


3 thoughts on “Favorite L.A. Area Spots: Marina Channel”

  1. Ah the marina. I rowed on the crew team at LMU for four years and I knew that marina inside and out. Sometimes we saw seals or sea lions and we even saw the occasional wrong way school of dolphins within the jetty. The best mornings were when it was still dark (we were on the water by 5:15am) and the water was full of bioluminescent plankton. Magic.

  2. Julia, that’s impressive! Between rowing in the dark at 5:15 a.m. (which reminds me, boat rentals are available to the public too) and sitting in your car with an In-N-Out burger, there are obviously a wide range of activities to be had.

  3. Brings back many nice memories of long walks along The Channel.
    It’s still amazing to depart over the Atlantic from JFK or PBI, and a few hours later, see the beautiful Pacific while landing at LAX. There are nice places, I’m sure, in Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa etc., but how can you beat living near an ocean!

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