There’s Something Happening Here…

cyclist.jpgBiking over to inspect Americana at Bland a few days ago, Militant Angeleno decided to conduct an informal count of the number of cyclists he encountered along the way roundtrip and ended up at 25. That may seem like diddly squat, but it’s actually not.

After months of seeing not more than a scattering of cyclists on the roads with me, I’ve been noticing more bikes on the streets (and sidewalks) these last few weeks. And so thusly motivated by the results of MA’s inaugural poll I decided to see how many two-wheelers I might pass on my way from work late Tuesday afternoon. I was surprised to have my previous high of 14 riders (a number that’s stood since resolution time in early January) totally eclipsed by the 23 I tallied over the course of my 15-mile ride home. On my way in to work this morning I did it again along an entirely different route and ended up with 21.

And doodz: Thirty Fucking Nine of us on the ride home tonight. DAMN!

Given gass prices, environmental concerns, and an increasing awareness of cycling as a viable commute alternative it’s no real surprise to see the uptick. And while many might find such numbers mundane and insignificant, to me they’re not nominal — they’re phenomenal!

12 thoughts on “There’s Something Happening Here…”

  1. I’ve seen many more bicycles, and I’m one of the newbies out there too. I took my government rebate check and invested it in a bicycle. I feel like a kid with no parents riding around in the sun every day while everyone honks and swears at the traffic. My friends think I’m totally crazy. It’s awesome.

  2. To clarify, the 25 cyclists were the total tally for the Militant’s round trip, though more than half that number was encountered on the way from the compound to Carusoville II.

    The Militant will continue hie CPM (cyclists per mile) count for his future biking adventures. But 39, eh? Wow…The Militant bets that you were indirectly responsible for at least a fraction of those 39…especially seeing someone on a manually-propelled two-wheel vehicle zoom past them on Venice Blvd.

    It really seems that the so-called love affair with the automobile has gone sour. But hey, that’s just a topic for a future post :)

    Still, yes, things are definitely happening. More cyclists simply encourage others to bike. Everyone’s doin it :)

  3. I’m now cycling from Glendale to Burbank for work (Glenoaks to Verdugo to Empire.) It’s an eight mile trek, and I haven’t regained the legs I’ll need to do it daily, but that’s the goal. It’s fast and it’s a hell of a lot of fun.

  4. I’ve seen more motorcycles as well. I wish I could bike to work, 15 miles each way is quite a haul though.

  5. I hear ya Matt. Fifteen miles one way is a bit of a distance — even more daunting if there’s a canyon pass or climb(s) involved. I’m lucky in that my 28/30-mile (depending on route) daily roundtrip commute between Silver Lake and Westchester only has an elevation differential of +/- 300 feet (down to work and upward home).

  6. Not just the amount of cyclists, but also the bold routes they choose to take. I’ve seen quite a few folks (of different ages I might add, and by that I mean like super old people, in their late 30s and up) riding past my “Rapid” bus on their beach cruisers on Westwood Blvd or on Wilshire while I’m wishing I was out there riding myself.

  7. “…and by that I mean like super old people, in their late 30s and up…”

    Ouch Jericho. You should really :) when you say things like that (even though I know — or at least hope — you’re :)’ing inside).

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