Oh, the irony.

Found at El Cerrito Place and Hillside in Hollywood.

It should also be noted that I’m not aware of this block ever having had a neighborhood watch, and actually believe the sign itself was stolen from elsewhere…

5 thoughts on “Oh, the irony.”

  1. When I moved on my street 14 years ago we had a sign. Never had a meeting the entire time. Flash forward to early this spring after a slew of auto burglary we got our watch going again. Got a nifty new sign too as the other was all faded.

    Neighborhood Watch works only when everyone agrees to observe and report. Sadly too often it is a reaction to a crime and when memory fades the crime returns. It needs constant attention to work.

    Obviously from this sign no one is watching any more.


    The neighborhood watch in the apt. building I used to reside in Pasadena was just an excuse for people to get together on Wednesday nights in the laundry room and gossip about neighbors (and not feel bad for themselves as it was under the guise of ‘Neighborhood Watch”.

    One time, about 5 years ago, I went downstairs with a thing of laundry and they were in there talking about how many women they’d see coming and going from my apartment in any given week. Guess they weren’t drinking my pimp juice.

    Suffice to say, the sign is still there at my old apartment building but they don’t meet anymore. Oh, and there’s graffiti on a tree right next to it (well, as of February 2008 there was). Couple taggers starting up in North Pasadena Heights, I guess.

    – AP

  3. Fraz:
    Its not that nobody is watching anymore, its that nobody ever was watching. As far as I know, this block has never had a neighborhood watch along it.

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