I’m The Pothole Of The Week Award Winner

When “Road Sage” Steve Hymon of the L.A. Times took over the paper’s Bottleneck Blog one of the first things he announced was his intention to profile a “Pothole of the Week” and solicited readers to submit words and pix from which a “winner” would be selected.

Being a crosstown commuter cyclist and thus far more intimately acquainted than vehicle drivers with the cornucopia of craters I haters and crevasses I passes, of course I jumped at the chance to send in my nomination of  one particularly ragged and rugged stretch of roadway that I’m forced to evade every morning on the southbound side of Sepulveda Boulevard across from the Fox Hills Mall in Culver City.

This morning Hymon declared it the inaugural awardee. And me without a speech prepared.

Submit your own Pothole of the Week contenders to Steve via email

3 thoughts on “I’m The Pothole Of The Week Award Winner”

  1. Shoot…..Magnolia Blvd. at Laurel Canyon makes this looks like smooth pavement ; )

    Guess it’s time to get out my camera.

    This could be fun.

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