Forty years ago tomorrow these grieving women were but two of the throngs of mourners who gathered at Los Angeles International Airport for the departure of the plane bearing the body of Robert F. Kennedy, shot at the Ambassador Hotel 40 years ago today. He died at Good Samaritan Hospital.

Photo from the Los Angeles Public Library Photo Database. 

2 thoughts on “Bobby”

  1. I remember that day. I was watching Price is Right. The program was interrupted with the news. I told my Mom and and she said I must have mistaken what they said as it was his brother the president that was shot a few years earlier. Very sad when she found out it was Bobby after all.

  2. I remember it well. I was 10. My dad woke me early to tell me Bobby had been shot and we cried together. We were still reeling from Dr. King’s shooting (my Dad knew them both). The memory still chokes me up.

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