9 thoughts on “The 16% Solution”

  1. Well, that’s what happens when you don’t hold elections on election day. We’re Americans, and we vote on the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November… that’s it! (And even then, not always).

  2. Can’t wait till that “youth vote” makes that number go up in November.


    Remember when Jesse Ventura ran for governor of Minnesota? A lot of people who voted for him never have voted since then.

    So this November, expect a lot of first (and last) time voters…the ones who remember that that day is Election Day and actually wake up and do it, that is.

  3. Truly I do not think I ever lived anywhere with elections as often as we have here. I mean, yeah, we’ve heard of the primary, we voted in it four months ago. A person should not have to vote more often than she has to go to the dentist.

  4. Which is not to say that people shouldn’t vote, mind you, just that I think turn out would be better if the elections didn’t come so fast and thick sometimes.

  5. Travis, I agree. Blame the Dems and Reps for their screwed up front-loaded Presidential primary system.

  6. Travis, I certainly agree that there’s the specter of election burnout to consider, but even in a year like this one where we’ll have three — February, June, November — that’s not something I’d categorize as overload… mainly because I come at the process as an honorable privilege, not a burdensome right.

  7. Good point Will. I think at my best, I regard it as an honorable right actually but at times I despair and fear that democracy is a failed experiment–an attitude which is, admittedly, productive of nothing.

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