Mid-Week Round-Up: this + that

TweetUpLA had its first get-together this weekend, attended by several bloggers who actually read their friends tweets and therefore knew about it (in other words, not me). Based on my new favorite photo of all time ever, I’d say a good time was had if not by all then at least by Will and Nina.

Speaking of Twitter and good times, Sean Bonner and Xeni Jardin showed us all how it’s done. That has to be the funniest exchange I’ve ever read.

What do robots do for fun? Raccoon attack!

And in totally non-funny news, Universal has admitted that the prints lost in last week’s fire may be harder to replace than originally stated. Damn.

Finally, for you Trek fans, Wil Wheaton has a lovely tribute to Bob Justman.

3 thoughts on “Mid-Week Round-Up: this + that”

  1. To clarify on the Universal prints: As Ron Meyer said, nothing irreplaceable was lost, i.e., the prints that were lost aren’t masters, they’re circulating release prints.

    No one said it wouldn’t take time or cost money to replace the replaceable stuff – they just said that nothing irreplaceable was lost.

    So they’re not really ‘admitting’ something different than what they said before – they’re just acknowledging that, yes, replacing the replaceable stuff will take a while, cost money, and put a crimp in the schedules of places that were planning to show those release prints.

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