Ducks take over Urban Development in Baldwin Park

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I like it when nature asserts itself over mankind.  No matter how hard we try to pave over something nature has a way of coming back.  At Kaiser Baldwin Park ducks have taken over a reflecting pool around the Medical Center.  Kaiser welcomed their arrival and even posts warnings to make sure they aren’t bothered.  No ducklings visible today much to the dismay of the kids walking around and peeking through the bushes looking for them.

pic by me with the trusty cell phone.

8 thoughts on “Ducks take over Urban Development in Baldwin Park”

  1. I live in B.P. and there are ducks in the swimming pool, in the complex
    I live at. They just hang out, leave and come back the next day, could
    be their cousins.

  2. P.S. Fraz you’re doing an excelent job. Did you give up your other blog though :-( Unless I’m looking at the wrong one?

    We should organize another blogger get together…especially now that the weather is superb.

    Maybe you and I can organize it this time? Drop me a line at my site. Or I think you might still have my cell?

    – AP

  3. Thx for asking AP. Actually, my back and neck was trashed worse than I thought and haven’t been able to get out shooting. Not following my passion is making me crazy. As each day goes along I get better and soon will be back at it. I’m doing good to wade through the headache and post here and fc in the am.

    A bloggers picnic would be fun. I’ll drop you a note or call, end of the month is looking good. We can even invite the metblog folks to join us.

  4. Sorry to hear you’re not feelin’ so great, dude. I hope you get better soon.

    Definitely end of the month…Metbloggers are more than welcome!!!

    Let me know!!!

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