Monday Bullets: Balloons, Bears, and Bedding Babes

  • gas.jpgWhen Are We Going to California is startled to find that this state has the strictest balloon laws in the nation.
  • L.A. Can’t Drive throws a pop quiz: Is it legal to change lanes in an intersection? Click for the 2-letter answer and explanation.
  • Darleenisms chronicles a drive up the coast with her own Gas Watch. $4.69 a gallon. For regular unleaded. Drink it in.
  • The recession has hit the hills! Bears are running rampant in Monrovia in search of food. Living In Monrovia reports that the city is trying out steel-reinforced trash cans to protect precious Monrovian waste from grizzly moochers.
  • And did you know there was more to Sex And The City than cosmos, shoes, and being fabulous? There isn’t, but Ken Levine gives guys tips on how to use the obnoxious movie phenomenon to get girls into bed. Levine For Mayor!

Photo from darleenisms

3 thoughts on “Monday Bullets: Balloons, Bears, and Bedding Babes”

  1. I tried to grin and bear it but I failed in not allowing myself to point out that the moochers are far more likely to be the black variety. Grizzled maybe, but definitely not grizzly.

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